Vineyard Academy Tuition and Fees

2015-2016 School Year

Tuition Rates


PreK 3 2 Half Days   $1600  
PreK 4 3 Half Days   $1800  
Transitional Kindergarten 3 Full Days   $2600  
Kindergarten through 8th Grade        
1st Child 5 Full Days   $3780  
 2nd Child     $2580  
 3rd Child     $1680  
 4th Child     $1180  

Tuition may be paid the following ways:

      -In full: due September 1, 2015

      -Bi-annually: due September 1, 2015 and February 1, 2016
      -Monthly: due the first of each month beginning September 1, 2015

Additional Fees:
      -Registration Fee: $100 per child / $125 Max per Family - due at the time of enrollment
      -Formation Fee: $90.00 per student

Fees may be paid the following ways:
       -In Full: due at the time of enrollment/re-enrollment
       -Incrementally with final payment due May 15, 2015

ALL 2015-2016 FEES ARE DUE BY FRIDAY JUNE 12, 2015

**Fees are non-refundable
**If fees are not paid by the due date, your child(ren) will not be considered enrolled and therefore, books will not be ordered for them. 

Scholarships are available.

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