Shaping Tomorrow's Leaders

Vineyard takes Pride in It's Students.

As a school average, students performed at a level two grades above the national average.

Sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students performed at a level four grades above the national average.  (Based on 2012 Iowa Tests of Basic Skills)


Vineyard Academy


   Vineyard Academy, formed in 1995, is a private independent school supported and operated by lay Catholics. it is located on D Avenue just a few miles east of downtown Richland, MI., just minutes from Kalamazoo, Battle Creek and the Plainwell area. The school educates the complete person forming the intellect and the will using the person of Christ as the model and goal. In this way, Vineyard is forming our leaders of tomorrow.

   Classes at Vineyard are under the supervision of teachers who are certified by the State of Michigan. Vineyard Academy presents a solid foundation for logical reasoning and thinking. A complete course of studies is provided for each student. Along with social studies, mathematics, languages, sciences, music and art, Vineyard students are also educated in the Catholic faith. Through daily prayer, Mass, retreats and other opportunities for spiritual growth, students are enriched with the teachings and traditions of Christ. At Vineyard Academy we strive to give our students the knowledge and skills they will need for their vocation in life. Vineyard's motto: To Teach, To Educate, To Form.

   Vineyard academy rejoices in the friendship, prayers and support from Bishop Bradley, Bishop of Kalamazoo





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"Vineyard Academy is like a family.  I know the parents of the kids my children play with.  We all work, play and pray together.  It is comforting to know how much everyone cares about everyone else including the wonderful staff." - A Parent's Testimonial

"One my absolute favorite things about Vineyard Academy is just how close we all are. It is really like we are one big and amazing family with so much love! School is something that you can actually look forward to - seeing your classmates, your teachers, and especially all of the ..." Read More - Arianna's Testimonial

"Vineyard isn't just about math, reading, writing, etc....It's about God, His love for us, our love for Him.  Vineyard is about charity, to give and give even when you don't want to.  Vineyard is about virtues, learning their meaning and how to project them in to your everyday life.  Vineyard is about ..."  Read more - Bailey's Testimonial

Vineyard Takes Pride in Its Graduates

48% entered high school honors courses

64% continue to engage in volunteer work

40% are discerning vocations

92% continue traditional Catholic education

Vineyard's formation program prepares students to transform society according to the social teachings of the Catholic Church and authentic Christian values.

To arrange a visit or for additional information about the unique educational experience offered at Vineyard Academy, please contact us at 269-629-7253 or at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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